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Most Popular Policies of Cholamandalam General Insurance

  • Chola Protect Car Insurance Policy
    This comprehensive car insurance plan provides policyholders with beneficial features to ensure complete protection of their vehicles.
    Key features of Chola Protect Car Insurance Policy
    • Availability of daily cash allowance
    • Reinstatement value
    • Depreciation Waiver is available
    • Personal Luggage Cover is available
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  • Chola MS Hospital Cash
    It is an individual health policy that offers fixed allowance for hospitalization on daily basis to cover various expenses.
    Key features of Chola MS Hospital Cash
    • The plan comes with lifetime renewal option
    • Claims are settled directly
    • Double cash is provided for ICU treatment
    • Convalescence benefit is available
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  • Chola MS Business or Leisure Travel Insurance Policy
    This travel insurance plan offers complete protection to travelers and business people in foreign countries.
    Key features of Business or Leisure Travel Insurance Policy
    • Hijack Relief Benefit is available
    • Daily cash allowance is available in case of hospitalization
    • Coverage available for trip curtailment, delay and cancellation
    • Coverage for burglary of home contents
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  • Chola MS Critical Healthline
    Chola MS offers complete financial protection to policyholders diagnosed with listed critical ailments.
    Key features of Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance Policy
    • lifetime indemnity on continuous policy renewal
    • Entry age up to 65 years
    • No medical check-up up to 55 years
    • Flexiblity of sum insured amount
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Chola Protect Car Insurance

Our vehicle being a non-living commodity yet plays a very important role in our day to day schedule and working cycle. The reason is in today’s scenario we completely depend on vehicles for locomotion form one place to another. As the utilization of vehicles has increased similarly the risk has also increased that involves conditional risk of error, accidents, breakage and emergency. Therefore we need a complete insurance plan for our vehicles for stress free and restless drives. The fair justification to this necessity is Chola Protect Car Insurance that is a 360° complete motor insurance plan covering absolute financial coverage, car emergency assistance, car breakdown support, post accidental help and much more. To provide you much more knowledge regarding policy benefits a short description is provided below, having a through read to this data will widely increase your intelligence and make you more specific about benefits of vehicle insurance.





Total Financial Coverage

Policy includes Nil depreciation condition and reinstatement value for customer benefit

Car Emergency Support

Any kind of emergency help like fuel delivery at some point and battery damage are recovered by policy conditions

Car Breakdown Assistance

Policy provide payment for onsite car breakage that includes flat wheels, fuel essentiality, battery break etc.

Loss of Vehicle

Loss due to robbery/accident/fire or any other conditional reason is compensated by insurance policy

Damage of Car

Damages due to riots, natural calamities, self ignition, explosions etc are covered in benefits

Third Party Liability

For any third party loss compensation of Rs. 7,50,000 is provided by policy makers

Accidental Cover

A very good compensation of Rs. 2 lakhs for insured person and any one unnamed person is provided in case of personal accident with vehicle.

Coverage for loss of license

Policy includes benefits for loss of driving license

Daily Allowances

Amount of Rs. 500/1000 per day is paid in case of emergencies up to maximum of 5days

Baggage or luggage loss

With specified conditions a compensation for loss of luggage in provided in policy

Car Key Loss

Expenses for production of duplicate keys are included in plan

Wide Network

There are more than 600 network garages for policy

Customer service

There is 24X7 facility provided by company for customer support and service in any place of country

Premium Details




More than 6months












*IDV- Insured’s Declared Value


  • Damage or loss occurring by war or nuclear risk outside country
  • Damage occurring due to driving without valid license
  • Any damage of wheels and tubes unless occurred due to accident
  • Normal wear and tear due to mechanical/electrical failure

Customer knowledge

This policy is similar to other vehicle insurance policy yet the 360° coverage providing any many benefits as possible makes it more preferable than any other policy. It is an obvious thing that customer will never put oneself in loss for getting insured, therefore Chola group offers such policy that particularly consider customer benefit prior to making money.