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Most Popular Policies of Cholamandalam General Insurance

  • Chola Protect Car Insurance Policy
    This comprehensive car insurance plan provides policyholders with beneficial features to ensure complete protection of their vehicles.
    Key features of Chola Protect Car Insurance Policy
    • Availability of daily cash allowance
    • Reinstatement value
    • Depreciation Waiver is available
    • Personal Luggage Cover is available
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  • Chola MS Hospital Cash
    It is an individual health policy that offers fixed allowance for hospitalization on daily basis to cover various expenses.
    Key features of Chola MS Hospital Cash
    • The plan comes with lifetime renewal option
    • Claims are settled directly
    • Double cash is provided for ICU treatment
    • Convalescence benefit is available
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  • Chola MS Business or Leisure Travel Insurance Policy
    This travel insurance plan offers complete protection to travelers and business people in foreign countries.
    Key features of Business or Leisure Travel Insurance Policy
    • Hijack Relief Benefit is available
    • Daily cash allowance is available in case of hospitalization
    • Coverage available for trip curtailment, delay and cancellation
    • Coverage for burglary of home contents
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  • Chola MS Critical Healthline
    Chola MS offers complete financial protection to policyholders diagnosed with listed critical ailments.
    Key features of Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance Policy
    • lifetime indemnity on continuous policy renewal
    • Entry age up to 65 years
    • No medical check-up up to 55 years
    • Flexiblity of sum insured amount
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Chola MS Individual Healthline Insurance

There are situations in life that break your happy and healthy buildup plans of life. Insurance sector these days is putting extra effort to console you with Healthline policies that can provide comfort and support in such critical conditions. These insurance are small investments to control lifetime burdens and comfort oneself for happy life. One of the best known health insurance plans is Individual Healthline Insurance that offers health problem coverage in critical circumstances.

Every policy is meant for benefit of clients but there are specific features that make any policy beneficial in judgment of customer. This policy entertains specific benefits like incidental expenses coverage, maternity benefits, external aids compensation and many more benefits are provided for beneficial individual health policy plan.

Policy involves three types of plans

  • Standard Plan
  • Superior Plan
  • Advanced Plan


Self, Spouse Parents, Parents-in-law

18years to 65years

No medical till age of 55years

Dependent female Child

3months to 25years

No medical required

Dependent Male Child

3months to 35years

No medical required

What makes it an exception?

  • Policy offers lifelong renewal plans policy
  • Online transaction with no documentation required making it instant policy
  • The offered Sum Insurance range is Rs 10, 00,000 per individual
  • In house claim support team provides benefits of cashless claims and compensations
  • Hospital network at 2600 plus hospitals
  • Direct claim settlement offered for customer

Specific benefits





SI options

1/2/3/4/5 lakhs SI offered in plan

3.5/4.5/5.5 lakhs SI offered in plan

4.5/5.5/7.5/10 lakhs SI offered in plan

Claim free Bonus

5% of SI offered as bonus for each claim free year

Allowances for shared accommodation

Rs 250 per day up to 7 days

Rs 500 per day up to 7 days

Rs 500 per day up to 14 days

Emergency Ambulance

Rs 1000 for per policy year

Rs 2000 for per policy year

Rs 3000 for per policy year

Residential Hospitalization

Not covered

Provide 15% of SI

Provide 25% of SI

Maternity Expenses

Not covered

Rs. 15,000 to 25,000

Rs. 25,000 to 40,000

Ayurvedic treatments

Not covered

Not covered

7.5% of SI

OPD Dental Treatment

Not covered

Not covered

1% of SI

External aids

Not covered

Not covered

1% of SI

Hospital expenses and nursing expenses

Rs. 1 lakh for non AC room up to Rs.1000 per day

Rs. 2 to 5 lakhs for AC room up to Rs. 3000 per day

Up to Rs. 3000 per day

Rs. 4.5 to 5.5 Lakhs of SI up to Rs. 3000 per day

Wellness service

Option 1- Rs. 350 per person including service tax

Option 2- Rs. 500 per person including services tax

Customer Knowledge

For customers who want to get have good SI options and beneficial healthcare insurance policy not only for themselves. This policy offers with great advantages for customers including hospitalization expenses. You can get value added advantages and Tax benefit under section 80 D of Income Tax Act. Customer oriented approach is the main aim of policy offered by this company.