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Most Popular Policies of Cholamandalam General Insurance

  • Chola Protect Car Insurance Policy
    This comprehensive car insurance plan provides policyholders with beneficial features to ensure complete protection of their vehicles.
    Key features of Chola Protect Car Insurance Policy
    • Availability of daily cash allowance
    • Reinstatement value
    • Depreciation Waiver is available
    • Personal Luggage Cover is available
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  • Chola MS Hospital Cash
    It is an individual health policy that offers fixed allowance for hospitalization on daily basis to cover various expenses.
    Key features of Chola MS Hospital Cash
    • The plan comes with lifetime renewal option
    • Claims are settled directly
    • Double cash is provided for ICU treatment
    • Convalescence benefit is available
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  • Chola MS Business or Leisure Travel Insurance Policy
    This travel insurance plan offers complete protection to travelers and business people in foreign countries.
    Key features of Business or Leisure Travel Insurance Policy
    • Hijack Relief Benefit is available
    • Daily cash allowance is available in case of hospitalization
    • Coverage available for trip curtailment, delay and cancellation
    • Coverage for burglary of home contents
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  • Chola MS Critical Healthline
    Chola MS offers complete financial protection to policyholders diagnosed with listed critical ailments.
    Key features of Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance Policy
    • lifetime indemnity on continuous policy renewal
    • Entry age up to 65 years
    • No medical check-up up to 55 years
    • Flexiblity of sum insured amount
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Corporate Travel Insurance Plan

In this era of globalization, business world is also getting globalized that is initiating international deals, trips, purchasing and selling of products. The Corporate world today consider employee as treasure of organization. Human resource and management are part and parcel of effective business investments. One such investment towards health and safekeeping of employees are travel insurance policy. For individuals making regular international or domestic trips for purpose of business, need to have complete corporate travel insurance in recent risky world.

There are various options of policy plans provided by different companies in global market for benefit of customers. Companies are concentrating to get best travel insurance policy as per their requirements. Therefore this generates requirement of such policy that has various categories of option to suit the different requirement criteria of different organization. As per our knowledge the Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance Plan is one such policy to fulfill above mentioned criteria. Now, below we will provide you explanation for this suggestion.


Age limit for self

18years to 70years

No medical check-up required


Standard Plan-

Plan covers pure health care policy with medical cover, dental cover and Repatriation of remains

Elite Plan-

Along with standard cover you have option to select from 15 other optional benefits available in plans providing ultimate options

Special features of this policy



Coverage for Non-Hospitalization expenses

This plan also provides medical help for issues and accidents that do not require hospitalization

Trip Cancellation

Compensation for trip cancellation due to reasons like death, airlines mistake, critical illness, strike, riot, weather or any other major reason is included in plan

Trip Delay

Policy provide compensation for meals and lodging in case of delay of more than 12hours

Payment per day

Policy includes option of pay per day for customers

Cashless assistance

Plan includes assistance for emergency cashless for customers.

Coverage and Non-coverage




Medical compensation



Dental treatment expenses



Mental disorder


Baggage loss or delay



Loss of passport



Loss of international driving license



Emergency cash



Hijack compensation


Loss due to customer carelessness


Medical expenses of HIV, STDs, war, terror attack, maternity or childbirth


Trip delay or cancellation or curtailment



Personal accidents



Emergency medical expenses

Rs. 100,000


Customer personal liability towards third party



Repatriation of remains



Medical expenses of pre-existing disease


Loss of valuable money


Customer Knowledge

For customers who travel randomly for purpose of business should opt for corporate travel insurance because there are more chances of accidents and issues in random travelling. The insurance policy in such critical situation will help a lot to reduce mental and financial burden. The Chola Corporate travel insurance policy provides you various options to select with comfortable premium options. Along with this the benefit and coverage of policy are also very effective with less number of exclusions.